Sunday, May 20, 2007

Try black jack online play money for the fun of it

Casino experts encourage beginners to try black jack online play money
Last we met our feisty seniors Blanche, Stan, Bea, and Dan, they came up with a brilliant idea to become online casino consultants for the cruise industry. These two newlywed, 80 something seniors fell in love with each other and with cruising. Now they'd like to enjoy their golden years cruising the Caribbean and playing online casinos. They took their idea to the head of Cruises Are Us who was enthusiastic about the idea. Now the couples spend two weeks a month "working" as please bang my wife consultants while cruising the Caribbean. For their first cruise, they decided to give a seminar for beginners. They encouraged the participants of their lecture to try black jack online play money. It's not real money, so they didn't have the pressure of losing real money. Many want to play black jack online. Play money makes it fun and not serious. There are those who are serious about black jack online. Play money gives them time to learn the ins and outs of the game until they're ready to wager serious money.

It's black jack online play money and limbo
The foursome had a very successful first seminar. They were so excited that they were able to share their knowledge and love of online casinos. They felt it was a great idea to start with black jack online play money because many just want to play for fun and not for real cash. Blanche and Stan taught the group black jack online. Play money was Bea and Dan's contribution. They made a great team. Now it was time for a break and join the limbo line!